Slika Copy of TORCH EOS 5 LRZ
Aluminijsko eloksirano kućište, podvodne baterije punjiva USB kabelom bez vađenja akumulaora, magnetni prekidač sa tri opcije svijetljenja sa kočnicom te promijenivi fokus. Podvodne lampe ili baterije visokih perfomansi i mogućnosti.

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Proizvođačeva šifra proizvoda: 415640

Proizvođač: Mares

The Mares EOS 5LRZ underwater torch is an anodised aluminium rechargeable torch with 520 lumens of power and 135 minutes of autonomy. The LED ensures powerful light for the entire duration of a dive. The light beam can be adjusted by the diver during a dive by simply rotating the head of the torch. The intensity can be adjusted via the handy mechanical multifunction switch, with a battery charge indicator which is very useful for keeping the battery under control, even during a dive. Intuitive and safe, it avoids any water infiltration inside the torch. With a simple touch, you can set four different torch functions: full power, approximately 40% power, flashing and off. The new, electronic double-push safety device prevents the torch from accidentally switching on.

The battery can be recharged via a USB cable connected to a PC or any 5 Volt adapter. The battery charger with LED charge indicator makes it easy to see the actual charge.

The tubular handle allows the torch to be used with one hand.

The innovative temperature control system allows the torch to be used out of the water.

The Mares EOS 5LRZ underwater torch comes with a padded case with a zip, made of highly resistant material for better protection.

The main features of the Mares EOS 5LRZ torch are:

• Single LED with lens
• Adjustable light beam with magnetic operation
• Visual battery charge indicator
• 135 minutes of autonomy (at maximum power)
• Integrated rechargeable battery
• USB charging cable
• Visual LED charge indicator
• Wide light beam
• Multifunctional mechanical switch
• Electronic safety feature prevents unintentional switch-on - just double-click the switch to turn on the torch
• Four modes: full power, low power, flashing, off
• Easy one-handed operation
• Tubular handle
• Adjustable wrist strap
• Padded case with zip

  • Magnetski prekidač
    Vanjski magnetski prekidač štiti od prodiranja vode unutar svjetiljke. Visoku pouzdanost osiguravaju O-ring prstenovi.

  • Podesivi Fokus
    Fokus se može podesiti tijekom ronjenja jednostavnom rotacijom. To omogućuje promjenu svjetlosnog snopa između 12 ° i 75 °.

  • Punjive baterije
    Punjive baterije su standard. Sustav omogućuje ponovno punjenje baterija unutar kućišta svjetiljke.